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About Barnel USA®


Dear valued customer around the world,

We are pleased to release our new catalog that offers an array of new products and upgrades. These exciting products will take your field experience to a higher level, complimenting productivity.

This marks 35 years of serving you since the 1985 beginnings in Portland, Oregon, United States. Over the years of fine tuning, creating and enhancing the globe with BARNEL® worldwide, we have learned alot from our customers' input, suggestions and ideas to ensure our "Continuous Improvement Theme".

Today we represent one of the most complete professional product portfolios on earth. We have continued to incorporate the best of the best steel and aluminum alloys that set Barnel apart. Performance test and cycle counts confirm a strong focus on quality that pays dividends. A SPARE PARTS program supports most of our products.

Barnel® is proud to serve more than 70 countries worldwide.

With our 70+ country network on all continents but one, we promise to do our best to steer the market with continued new technologies that compliment ergonomics, performance and field longevity.

Thank you, to all our loyal customers for your dedication and support to shape Barnel® into what we are today, the "LEADERS in CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY™".

Yours Faithfully,
The Barnel-USA® Team

Barnel®: The Leaders in Cutting Edge Technology™

® Patented Two Position Lock
The vast majority of pruning work is on smaller diameter wood. Why squeeze repeatedly against the spring tension of a one-inch capacity pruner when 70% of the cuts are 1/2 inch or less? The advantage of a second locking position led Barnel® to introduce the patented Two Position Lock. Activated at the flick of the thumb, this exciting innovation enables the user to change the pruner to a smaller cutting capacity, allowing for a narrower hand spread. The resulting relief in hand strain translates into stronger cuts, hour after hour. Individuals with smaller hands find this feature invaluable.

Barnel® Center Oiler Bolt
This elegant innovation necessitates far less frequent oiling of the shear and eliminates the need to disassemble the tool when adding oil to the hinge. How does it work? The bolt contains a reservoir of oil released to the hinging mechanism gradually through tiny holes near the threads as the tool is used. When empty, the bolt can be quickly refilled by gently depressing the precision spring-loaded ball bearing valve. Use any typical household, 3-in-1, sewing machine or other oil with a narrow applicator tip. Barnel® B-Oil shares the excellent lubricating properties of these common lubricants, and is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and comes in the appropriate narrow tip applicator.

The Worldwide Choice of Professionals™

Whether it be High Tech hand pruners, drop forged loppers, fast cutting Tiger Tooth / Tiger Claw® saws, extended Ultra Reach® clippers, specialized landscape accessories and supplies, or the unique recreational line of products, Barnel ... Tools For All Seasons®... is respected by professionals in agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, forestry, landscaping, as well as garden enthusiasts on every continent except Antarctica as the Worldwide Choice of Professionals™.

Commitment to Quality

A Portland, Oregon, USA company, Barnel® has been meeting and exceeding expectations for over 35 years. Our commitment to continuous quality improvement promotes the manufacture of superior quality hand tools for the professional or serious hobbyist. We know you'll appreciate our products.